REVOLT.TV is the online space for the unapologetic, authoritative voice of Hip Hop culture, which includes, but isn’t limited to, rap and R&B music, the Hip Hop lifestyle, urban entertainment, and social justice.

Hip Hop was birthed by the disenfranchised urban community as a way to express the pain and struggles faced by the demographic; which was often ignored, mistreated and undervalued. REVOLT.TV will be the digital space where these same people, who feel like their thoughts and opinions are overlooked, can loudly speak up and speak out about their world. From their joys, pains, and everything in between; REVOLT.TV uses Hip Hop as a lens to focus on telling the urban community’s own truths, whether mainstream America’s feathers get ruffled or not. We do not bite our tongues. When we say we are Hip Hop and we are unapologetic, we mean it.


  • Senior Managing Editor: Isha Thorpe
  • Associate Managing Editor: Sukii Osborne

News Team

  • News/Music Editor: Jon Powell
  • News Writer: Oumou Fofana
  • Weekend News Writer: Angelina Velasquez
  • Copy Editor: Mariya Abate


  • Keith Nelson Jr.
  • Nasheena Quick
  • Tabie Germain
  • Vayda Sorel
  • Alvin “Aqua” Blanco
  • Legendary Lade
  • Ty Cole
  • Ahmad Davis
  • Malcolm Trapp
  • Payton Wilson
  • Kiara Byrd
  • Ashley France
  • Joyce Philippe
  • Shanique Yates
  • T’Keyah Hayes
  • Bianca Alysse
  • Terzel Ron
  • Marcus Blackwell
  • Milca Pierre
  • Justin Hunte
  • Gina Fleites